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A Séance of the Senses: The Bijou Candles Coven Collection

I love candles. When I say I love candles, I mean they are essential to my existence in a space. I have a candle burning on a surface close to me as long as I am in the room. They help me create a vibe for working, writing, reading, playing videogames etc. Due to this love of candles, most of the Instagram ads I get are about them.

Bijou Candles ads had been filling my feed for a few months and I desperately wanted to try them out. The Willow (included in this review) and the Enya candles were my first purchase. I decided to buy myself the Coven Collection for my birthday. I truly love this company and I hope you will too! Check out their story here.

**Please note I am not affiliated with any links in this post. I just am passionate about this stuff!**

The Order

Bijou Candles makes it easy to order your favorite scents and earn rewards. I highly recommend that you join their rewards program even if you think you will only be placing one order. Believe me, your first order won't be your last!

I placed my order on 9/21 and received an email that it had shipped that evening. The box arrived on 9/25... which was wicked fast! There was no express shipping option so I could not believe how quickly it arrived. I could smell each candle through the expertly packed individual boxes and could not wait to get the fire started.

Bijou Candles Box

The Scents

The 3 candles included in this collection are: Hermione, Sabrina, and Willow. Each page has a detailed breakdown of scents and vibes. I am providing my own as a consumer of these products.

Alaina and Jocelyn of Bijou Candles also have a wonderful video detailing the scents on the Coven page of their site if you want to learn more!

The Coven Collection from Bijou Candles

Hermione - Cedar & Thyme

Looking to relax while working from home? Transport yourself to the wilderness of your choice with this scent.

Vibes: Hogwarts grounds, broomsticks, and Earth energy

Sabrina - Patchouli & Bergamot

This scent is very clean-smelling and is a great choice if you are craving something witchy and floral.

Vibes: incense, frolicking through a field of flowers, and stargazing

Willow - Palo Santo

If you want to cleanse your headspace, this is the perfect scent for soft music and deep breathing. This is my favorite of the three and I burn it all the time!

Vibes: early 2000s creature of the week TV, smoky campfires without the stinky clothes, and banishing negative thoughts

Let's Get Lit

I know I heard Alaina and Jocelyn mention burning all 3 candles from one of their collections at the same time in one of their videos. In the interest of science, that is exactly what I did.

The Bijou Candles Coven Collection Burning

All of my senses were called forth and boy, was it a ride. One moment my nose would pick out notes from one candle, then the other, and then they all blended together to create the ULTIMATE witchy, earthy, and relaxing dream scent. Nothing was too overpowering, and I love the care that was put into choosing these scents so they can function as a true collection, rather than a branding opportunity.

The Coven Collection is available for $114 and the individual candles are $39. These are great prices if you love luxury candles and don't love the price tag. With a 140-hour burn time, these are a steal!

Verdict: 5/5

These candles in 1 GIF:

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